Why a CM CMMS Cloud-Based System?

Ask yourself these questions to understand how a maintenance cloud-based software program like CM CMMS can help you.

  1. Do you call a repairman only when failures of equipment or systems occur?
  2. Are your repair costs over budget due to irregular maintenance?
  3. If you do not have a maintenance budget, are your costs much higher than expected?
  4. Are you always reacting to failures versus performing preventive maintenance to possibly identify failures before they reach a point of not being cost-effective?
  5. Does your facility have a managed maintenance program for preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance?
  6. Do you maintain records of historical data for readings, reports, and other information vital to analyzing equipment and system issues?
  7. Do you have a system in place that could alert you and your technicians that maintenance is not being performed in a timely manner?
  8. Do you have a system in place that automatically reminds and prompts your technicians of what they should be doing and what they have not done?
  9. Do you have a system in place that can manage multiple users without interfering with the other when entering maintenance data?
  10. Do you have a system in place that has two interface options for admin and field technicians?
  11. Do you have a system in place that can send constant notifications and also allows system emails to be edited and managed?
  12. Are you performing your preventive maintenance using spreadsheets or some other method of using documents?
  13. Would you like to perform your maintenance using a computerized and automated method?
  14. Would you like your team to use a system that will help them coordinate their work to keep from being redundant with maintenance tasks?
  15. Would you like to use a system that keeps up with incomplete repairs automatically until they are completed?

Whatever your answers are to the questions above, CM CMMS can help you streamline your maintenance processes with its simplistic and practical approach. If your maintenance costs exceed your budgets or expectations, a CMMS managed system like CM CMMS can help you cut costs while adding new life to your facility. We can help you if you have a small amount of equipment and systems, a large facility with large amounts of equipment and multiple integrated systems, or multiple locations. CM CMMS can be the answer to your questions and the solution to your problems. We can help you increase longevity of your equipment and systems by helping you provide the maintenance care necessary to make this happen.

CERTEK has designed and used a custom CMMS software application for a few years for the maintenance of their laboratory facilities in different parts of the world. It offers a level of user friendliness next to none. It also provides necessary tools to perform preventive and corrective maintenance and to analyze data of equipment and systems for predictive maintenance. The CMMS application is available to those who desire to maintain their equipment and facilities with ease and efficiency. CM CMMS will help save maintenance costs and add longevity to your equipment and facilities. If you want to help your staff and technicians to perform cost-effective maintenance and rest assured that maintenance is done right with a managed system, then CM CMMS is your solution. Call us today to setup a virtual tour and discuss how we can help you. CONTACT US NOW at +1-919-787-3989 or email us by clicking here.

CM CMMS can be provided with two interfaces. One for field technicians and another for admin. The technician interface allows technicians full access to the dashboard, the ability to perform active maintenance in all tasks for all schedules, log readings, review repair history, and to review all logs. The admin interface has far more to offer in regards to historical data, setting dates, adding and editing users and tasks, reviewing submitted reports, monitoring repairs, closing repair issue tickets, and more. The prompts and reminders built into the system assists all users to remain on track to perform maintenance in a timely manner before schedules expire, which could leave maintenance not being completed. Many automated tools are built into the system to prevent overwriting of data by users, to keep critical data refreshed, to keep users aware of incomplete data that could lead to potential failures, and more.

CM CMMS contains necessary reports and logs to perform reviews of equipment and systems all in one place without having to download, print or import from a different software program for review preparations. Reports and logs are all archived within the program and laid out in a format for easy viewing with a feature to search specific equipment for historical data. Each report and log has the option to be downloaded in PDF and Excel formats. Everything you need for preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance is within the CM CMMS software program. There is no need for additional documentation, such as: work order forms, equipment manuals, reports, or logs. Equipment documentation, to included manuals, warranties, submittals, equipment drawing, etc., can be uploaded into the system for each piece of equipment, making everything available for the technician in one convenient place. CM CMMS is designed to lead an admin and technician through the entire process using prompts and email notifications while tracking and logging maintenance progress. As long as smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops are used, you have the entire maintenance system and your selected plan in your hand!

Keep scrolling down to see how our companies learn more so that we can continuously offer new features and functionality updates to our customers. This experience along with listening to our customers allows us to build and make better.

Research Triangle Park (RTP) is the nation's largest industrial park with some of the world's most renown technology, pharmaceutical, life sciences, research, and testing businesses located in the park. CERTEK is conveniently located nearby to service these clients in the RTP area and hopefully, this speaks volumes to new and existing customers alike. What they hear and see is that we are strategically located to gain more experience and that we share this experience with our clientele in new CMMS updates. Unlike other competitors, CERTEK uses the CM CMMS software when servicing these clients, thus gaining valuable knowledge of new features needed to benefit us and our customers.

Raleigh is booming as the state's capital and one of North Carolina's thriving cities of business. The Raleigh/Durham area with RDU International Airport conveniently located brings much business to this part of the Greater Triangle area. For decades, construction and maintenance opportunities have increased and international businesses are constantly moving into the Triad area of North Carolina. Our companies have acquired much knowledge because of this opportunity. We believe that with much opportunity comes great responsibility. That responsibility, as a provider of products and services, is that we must share our experience, innovation, and ideas with our clientele.

Durham is a city where tobacco and textile manufacturing was the key job producer for decades. When RTP came along, much of that changed. Pharmaceuticals, life sciences, technology, software, and many other innovative businesses have found a home in Durham since the tobacco and textile industries relocated. CERTEK has had its hand in most of these businesses and has gained the knowledge and experience to breakout into the Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) business to share our experience with clientele who deserve the preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance thought processes placed into the CM CMMS system. The user friendly dashboard, report and log pages, effortless setup of locations, users, equipment, and tasks make CM CMMS the preferred maintenance system. Prompts and notifications assist users to remain on track for a schedule, before it expires. When utilizing the multiple locations feature, all location names, reports, and logs are kept in one place for easy access and management of users and locations. We are designers, contractors, and maintenance people who know how valuable it is to have information at your fingertips when needed. Equipment documentation, associated tasks and repair media is uploaded and kept in one place. Equipment documentation is always available to users and the media is always available to admins who can file and make available to maintenance personnel. A Potential Failure Log is an option for some plans and can help users and management to identify issues when maintenance activities may not be performed in a timely manner.

Site navigation is easy to follow and pages are easy to read; this makes moving back and forth from the dashboard to reports and logs painless for users.

Not only do our development teams have the experience necessary to perform maintenance, but they also have an entrepreneurial, innovative, and a "think outside the box" approach to research and development. These strategies help us create products to propel our clients into the future.

Why CM? We have been there and have created a CMMS software system that takes the frustration and cost out of increasing maintenance budgets. Schedule a tour to see for yourself. CM CMMS is a software system that manages the preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance of your equipment and facility. The system uses Issue Tickets to manage repairs to completion. User entered readings of equipment and systems is collected and available in a log to assist with analyzing issues. Report logs are also available for quick reference. An available feature of multiple locations can be used to manage departments, floors, and facilities in many locations. Each location will have separate dashboards, task lists, reports, and logs.

The best way to see what value the CM CMMS can add to your bottom line is to take a tour, then decide to go for it, and implement the system to add longevity to your equipment, systems, and facility.